Places to Go: Seoul City Wall

Built in 1396 to protect the city of Hanyang during the Joseon Dynasty, the majority of Seoul City Wall has been preserved and maintained for over 600 years. It is the largest-scale wall in Korea and the perfect spot to capture the juxtaposition of nature and city, as it wraps around mountains and downtown areas of Seoul.

서울한양도성은 1396년에 조선의 한양을 지키도록 만들었던 구조물이다. 서울한양도성은 600년 동안 보조된 것이며 대한민국에는 가장 큰 구조물인데 자연과 도시의 병치 이기 때문에 여기서 사진을 찍으면 인생 스냅샷을 남길수 있을것이다.


Seoul City Wall, or Hanyangdoseong (서울한양도성), stretches from Hanseong University Station – down past Dongdaemun to Namsan – up through Seodaemun Station – and around through Bugaksan. 

Photos: The Korea Food Foundation