Teaming up with Indian designer Bibhu Mohapatra and Forevermark diamonds, Narayan Jewellers graced the runways of New York Fashion Week. A unique collaboration, the jewelry brand was the first Indian fine jewelry brand to grace the runways of NYFW.

Mohapatra’s love for crisp details is a perfect match for Narayan, with the pair’s intense concentration on elegance and grace.

Narayan’s collection is inspired by the solar system, and each jewel is a sun, moon, star, or planet caught in orbit.

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Photos: GPS Radar

NICKLAU designer Nicholas Lau, a 19 year old from Hong Kong, avoids the spring cliches of florals, flirty hemlines, and vivid color with his self-titled “WALK OF SHAME” collection.

The ‘walk of shame’ is a popular phrase for the morning after a sexual encounter, walking back home from another person’s place wearing the same clothes from the night before.  

NICKLAU’s collection utilizes this to bring to life the concept of a party girl in New York beginning the walk of shame back home. Missing articles of clothing, she unabashedly borrows pieces of her partner’s wardrobe. The result? A sporty, yet elegant look. 

NICKLAU keeps the overall collection simple, dipped in dark neutrals, yet feminine with form-fitting, belted pieces. Opting for touches of pinstripe and leather, one could very well mistake this for a fall collection. While an intriguing concept, the potential of the collection, including the retro film vibe of the photos, outweighed its execution. NICKLAU seems to have tried to take the safe route with these pieces; here’s hoping for Lau to reach his full potential.

Take a look at the photos below and tell us what you think about the “walk of shame”.






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Born within the depths of London’s underground scene, MCMA is all about two things: fun and inspiration. Looking to top themselves ever since their start in 2009, they went out with a bang at NYFW this season. An unabashedly feminine collection for S/S ‘18, the colors popped and the texture sizzled.  Telling you to take a ride on the “bold” side, MCMA celebrated vibrant, bright personalities by mixing gorgeous tones and unique patterns. Rethink those thoughts of, “I’m too old for that…” in these pieces, filled to the brim with youthful energy. With a bit of casual, evening, and everything in between, MCMA has us wondering how we can sneak in these pieces into our winter wardrobes. Because we just cannot wait.

Photos by Lavar Plummer

Gliding along the runway, Hakan Akkaya’s F/W ‘17 collection both intimidated and dazzled the audience.

Here, there is no such thing as simplicity; each outfit has something to observe.

With sheer, cut-outs, and leather, the 7-year-old brand mixes up textures as well as focus—You never know if it will be fringe or belts that catch your eye as they nudge the collection from moody to chic. Bits of gray and sparkle were a shining beacon against the dark palette.

Zippers marked various states of dress, and sometimes multiple layers, alongside a few bondage-inspired undergarments, reminiscent of last year.

Hakan Akkaya’s mysteriously addicting collection has once again showed us his strength: pieces of power.

하칸 아카야의 F/W ‘17 컬렉션은 런웨이를 가볍게 미끄러지며 청중을 긴장하게 함과 동시에 청중들의 눈을 멀게 했다.

이 런웨이에서는 각 의상들이 볼 것을 제공하기 때문에 심플함은 존재하지 않는다.

7년전에 설립된 브랜드는 얇은 천, 컷아웃,그리고 가죽과 함께 감촉과 포커스를 적절히 섞어낸다. 의상의 분위기가 음울한 분위기에서 시크한 분위로 바뀌며 청중들은 장식이 술인지 벨트인지 눈치채지 못할 것이다. 어두운 옷 중에 회색과 반짝이는 직물이 있어 옷을 더 빛나게 한다.

지퍼는 드레스의 다양한 면을 표현하며 때로는 층을 표현하기도 한다. 또한 작년의 디자인에 영감을 받은 속옷이 표현되기도 했다.

하칸 아카야의 신비롭게 중독성 있는 컬렉션은 하칸 아카야의 장점을 다시한번 강조했다. 강하고, 눈에 띄는 그의 컬렉션을. 

Photos by Lavar Plummer

Chinese-Japanese Canadian designer Dan Liu is known for his elegance. This season’s collection was an assortment of flirty hems that brought out a feminine, romantic vibe when paired with the pops of pink on the eyes and cheekbones.

The charming palette of pinks, blues, reds, and neutrals went well against the scarves that will help us keep the essence of summer a bit longer. Kissing the heads of select models,the ornate touch of masquerade masks was a welcome accessory as Liu cohesively brought together sweet patterns and delicate details, like contrast lining.

A collection with the ability to take you from day to night, these feminine looks—with just a hint of a preppy vibe—are the definition of casual elegance.

중국-일본계 캐나다 디자이너 단 리우는 엘레강스함으로 잘 알려져 있다. 이번 시즌의 컬렉션은 여러가지 매혹적인 느낌이 있는 원피스로 광대뼈와 눈을 분홍색으로 화장 했을때 함께 입으면 여성스럽고 로맨틱한 분위기를 끌어낸다.

분홍색, 파란색, 빨간색, 무채색들의 매력적인 색상들은 여름을 생각나게 하는 스카프와 잘 어울린다. 마치 대조되는 색상과 같이 리우는 은은한 디테일과 달콤한 패턴을 조합하여 가면 무도회의 가면을 악세서리로 쓰는 것은 즐거웠다.

리우의 컬렉션은 밤낮으로 입을 수 있으며 약한 프레피한 느낌을 주는 여성스러운 룩은 캐쥬얼 엘레강스의 상징이다.


Remember when you were young and wanted to be the princess in your own fairytale? The ballrooms, the gowns, the elegance of neutrals, with a mix of gold. The dress sparkles in the light matching the stars in your eyes. Tiered skirts push your imagination to the clouds, feminine A-line shapes necessary for the perfect princess look. Loved by all, exquisite beading and lace adorn the dress, feathers and simple gloves a touch of glamour. Classic, sophisticated, lovely: The three things all princesses strive to be. You may have been young, but you knew what you wanted.

어렸을 때 동화 속에 나오는 공주처럼 되고 싶었던 기억을 떠올려보자. 무도회장, 야회복, 금색과 섞은 무채색의 엘레강스한 드레스. 드레스는 불빛에 비쳐 마치 눈에 박힌 별처럼 반짝였다. 층이 진 치마는 A자형 라인으로 실제 여성스러운 공주 같은 느낌을 준다. 정교하게 세공 된 구슬과 레이스로 장식된 드레스는 깃털과 깔끔한 장갑으로 마무리한다. 모든 공주들이 원하는 클래식하고 섬세하며 사랑스러운 모습을 보여준다. 나이는 어렸지만 자신이 무엇을 원했는지 확실하게 알고 있었다.


Photos by Lavar Plummer

Again, Fashion Week is upon us. Though we’re still buried in the depths of winter, we’re already looking to the bitter cold of the F/W ’17 season. For us, street style, in contrast to the glittering light of the runway, is a real and raw interpretation of trends, and this year is no different. So, the first street style trend we’ll look at is statement patterns—Using one bold piece to catch your eye and pairing it with bits of simplicity. There is a plethora of ways to pull off this look, but check out our favorites below for inspiration.

또 다시 패션위크 시즌이 시작 되었다. 아직 겨울이 한창이지만 벌써 F/W ‘17 시즌을 보고 있다. 반짝반짝 빛나는 런웨이와 반대로 스트릿 스타일은 트렌드를 그대로 반영한 순수한 해석이며 올해도 이와 다르지 않다. 가장 처음 소개할 스트릿 스타일 트렌드의 포인트는 패턴이다. 트렌드를 잘 따라하려면 눈길을 사로잡는 포인트를 깔끔한 옷과 함께 입으면 된다. 아래 우리가 가장 좋아하는 사진을 확인해보자.